Ajay Deep

Author, Authority Ventures


With a successful track record spanning over 12+ years in the SEO industry, I love to write blogs on topics ranging from inbound marketing to organic lead generation and everything in-between.

I provide content strategy and growth marketing services to businesses and enable them to conquer their markets with unmatched authority and impact.

I work with businesses of all sizes but some of my remarkable clients include Fortune 500 companies like Colgate Palmolive; enterprise clients like Yardi Inc; and international non-profit organizations like World Economic Forum.

I believe that business and skills like SEO are best learned with experimentation. I own a bunch of niche websites which are my experimental projects. I recently achieved a remarkable feat by selling one of my websites to a Fortune 500 company – for an impressive six-digit figure.

In case you are eager to know more about me and my services, head over to https://ajaydeep.com. See you there :)