How to Find your Target Audience | An Actionable Guide


As a marketing professional, one of your key tasks is identifying your target audience. Having a good understanding of your target market and matching your message to what they want to hear ridiculously makes your content much more effective. It also transforms the performance of your website. But, identifying your target market can be a […]

17 Reasons Why Every Business Should Start A Blog


Okay, so the question is about blogging for business. Why start a blog? Are there any good reasons to start a blog? Well, the first blog post is always special, where you express your ideas and thoughts to your audience. But we are not talking about a personal blog. Many businesses have taken to blogging, […]

How To Write a Blog Intro – 7 Proven Strategies with Examples


When writing an intro for your blog, you might want to tell the reader what your blog is about and why they should read it. That’s so old-fashioned. As per Time magazine, the average attention span of people on the internet has dropped to 8 seconds. It means that as a writer, you have 8 […]