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Home Decor Keywords that can be used on a website for SEO
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SEO keywords are crucial to the online success of all kinds of businesses – home decor and interior design being no exception. Home decor keywords are specific words or phrases used when searching for interior design inspiration, products, and services.

These keywords range from broad terms that address overall styles and trends to more niche phrases that relate to specific items or design elements. For interior designers and decor retailers, identifying and integrating these keywords into their digital content and marketing strategies is essential for enhancing visibility in search engine results.

Read on to get the most exclusive list of home decor and interior design keywords, ready to be used in your SEO strategy. You will also get to know tips and techniques to find new keywords and implement them in your content.

Key Takeaways

  • Style-specific keywords allow interior designers to target a specific audience and showcase their expertise in different design styles.
  • Room-specific interior design keywords help in creating content that caters to the specific needs and preferences of different rooms in a house.
  • Monitoring and adapting keywords is crucial to stay updated with changing trends and search engine algorithms, ensuring the content remains relevant and effective.

Top SEO Keywords For Interior Designers

Interior design is all about bringing your client’s vision to life- the first step to knowing is knowing the words they use to describe that vision, as well as your services! Using the right keywords can enable you to attract organic traffic. According to a study by Hubspot, the top traffic source for all websites is organic search. Know all about the keywords you should be targeting to attract homeowners and businesses who seek your unique expertise. 

Here’s a list of the best SEO keywords that you should absolutely know whether you’re an interior design professional or the owner of a home decor company:

Rank Keyword Search Volume (Monthly) Difficulty
1 Home Decor 230,000 High
2 IKEA furniture 84,000 High
3 Interior designer near me 40,000 Low
4 Persian rugs 35,000 Low
5 modern interior design 20,000 Medium
6 Halloween decoration ideas 19,000 High
7 Thanksgiving table decor 13,000 Medium
8 Home decor stores near me 12,000 High
9 minimalist living room 12,000 Low
10 room makeover 6,200 Low

List Of Home Decor Keywords (Types + Examples)

Art and design are extremely subjective- and your customers may use a lot of varied vocabulary to explain what they are looking for, which is why, when it comes to home decor, you need to step into your audience’s shoes and think of all the possible key phrases they might be using to find the products and services you have to offer. 

Let’s explore the different types of keywords you can target to attract the right audience to your website and make it to the top search results for your niche. 

Style-specific Keywords

Style-specific keywords may give you a broad idea of what the user is looking for and their distinct aesthetic preferences. These keywords have high search volume in addition to being the foundational blocks for long-tail keywords.

When selecting style-specific keywords, it is crucial to conduct thorough research to identify terms that are both popular and relevant to the target audience. This might include exploring different design movements, such as mid-century modern, bohemian, or industrial, and understanding the nuances that distinguish them. Keywords should not only capture the general style but also the sub-elements and features unique to that aesthetic.

As per a study, the keyword “Modern” was the most highly searched keyword, with an average of 130K monthly searches.

Style Keywords Description
Mid-Century Modern Eames chair Iconic furniture pieces representative of this era.
sunburst clock Wall decor items often associated with mid-century design.
Bohemian macrame wall hang Handcrafted decor popular in bohemian-styled interiors.
Moroccan pouf Versatile seating/surface, adds a global touch.
Industrial exposed brick A raw element that underscores industrial aesthetics.
pipe shelving Functional storage solution with an industrial vibe.

Here are some examples of style-specific SEO keywords for interior design that you can incorporate into your blog posts, social media, or website content to make your content rank higher in search results and attract potential customers.

  • Modern Interior Design
  • Nautical-themed living room decor
  • Rustic farmhouse interior design ideas
  • Bohemian-inspired home decor tips
  • Minimalist bedroom design concepts
  • Vintage industrial home decorating
  • Classic Home Decor Elements
  • Ornate Furniture
  • 1950s Inspired Decor Ideas
  • Zen home decor

Room-specific Interior Design Keywords

Finding some terms related to rooms on SEMrush

Room-specific keywords are extremely important when it comes to home decor and interior design SEO.

These keywords not only guide homeowners and designers in creating an aesthetic environment but also assist in navigating the vast world of decor options tailored to specific rooms.

When considering room-specific keywords, it’s important to highlight the following:

  • Living Room Decor: This is often the centerpiece of home design, where comfort meets style. Keywords might include ‘modern sofa,’ ‘accent chairs,’ or ‘media console.’ Consumers may also search for ‘living room storage solutions’ or ‘area rugs’ to complete the space.
  • Kitchen Upgrades: The heart of the home, the kitchen, demands keywords that emphasize both utility and design, such as ‘quartz countertops,’ ‘kitchen islands,’ ‘pendant lighting,’ and ‘high-end appliances.’ Functional yet stylish storage options like ‘pantry organizers’ are also frequently sought after.
  • Bedroom Ambiance: For a personal retreat, bedroom-related keywords often reflect comfort and tranquility. They might incorporate ‘plush bedding,’ ‘blackout curtains,’ ‘bedside tables,’ and ‘bedroom lighting fixtures.’ Consumers are interested in creating a restful haven, often looking for ‘memory foam mattresses’ or ‘bedroom wall art.’
  • Bathroom Renovations: Bathroom keywords focus on creating a spa-like experience at home. Search terms often include ‘walk-in showers,’ ‘freestanding tubs,’ ‘vanity sets,’ and ‘water-efficient toilets.’ Additionally, accents like ‘heated towel racks’ and ‘LED bathroom mirrors’ emphasize luxury and innovation.

Some commonly used room-specific home decoration keywords are:

  • Luxurious bedding ideas
  • Accent wall in the bedroom
  • Dining table centerpiece ideas
  • Spa-Inspired bathroom decor
  • Entryway wind chimes
  • Storage solutions for laundry room
  • Balcony console table
  • Kitchen cabinet trends
  • Living room makeover ideas
  • Toy baskets for kid’s rooms

DIY and Crafting Keywords

Do-it-yourself projects are undoubtedly a big part of home decor projects. The rise of platforms like Pinterest and Instagram has snowballed the interest in do-it-yourself home decor, leading to a surge in search volume for terms that inspire and guide these personal projects.

Keywords in this niche often include terms like ‘DIY home decor ideas,’ ‘crafting tutorials,’ and ‘homemade furniture plans.’ These phrases are sought after by individuals looking for step-by-step instructions, creative inspiration, and practical solutions to bring their home decor visions to life.

In the e-commerce landscape, keywords such as ‘craft supplies online’ and ‘best DIY tools’ are pivotal for retailers. They capture the intent of consumers ready to purchase materials and equipment necessary for their projects.

Let’s discover some popular keywords you should target if you deal with DIY home decoration crafts.

  • Creative origami home decorations
  • Quick and simple room makeover projects
  • Unique DIY wall art for living room
  • Beginner-friendly paper crafting projects
  • Upcycling ideas for home
  • Kid-friendly Easter DIY craft kits
  • How to make your own pillow covers without sewing
  • DIY table centerpieces
  • Upcycled planters and pots for indoor gardens
  • Restoring old furniture with DIY techniques
  • Handmade mirrors for wall
  • Personalized gifts you can make at home
  • Mason jar crafts with lights

Color and Theme Keywords

Color and theme-specific keywords can help interior designers and retailers reach audiences interested in specific styles or color palettes. Color and theme are foundational elements in home decor that influence mood, perception, and even the perceived size of a room. Keywords related to color and theme help define the essence of the environment your potential clients wish to create.

Let’s have a look at the keywords you can incorporate into your content to reach this specific set of audiences.

  • Soothing green interior design
  • Timeless gray interior design ideas
  • White-on-white minimalist home decor
  • Mediterranean color schemes for warmth
  • Gold metallic interior decor
  • Incorporating bamboo and wood elements
  • Eclectic gallery wall ideas
  • Playful and colorful kids’ room palettes
  • Eames and Bauhaus influences
  • Monochrome interiors
  • Spring pastels and floral accents

Home Decor Keywords for Flooring and Rugs

Keyword variations for a product in a description

The choice of flooring is a fundamental decision in home decor, with keywords like ‘engineered wood,’ ‘bamboo,’ and ‘vinyl plank’ representing contemporary trends that balance aesthetic appeal with practicality.

‘Rugs’ bring another dimension to the home decor lexicon, with keywords such as ‘area rugs,’ ‘runners,’ and ‘outdoor rugs’ specifying their intended use and placement. ‘Shag’ rugs, with their plush texture, add a touch of luxury and warmth, ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere. In contrast, ‘Persian’ and ‘Oriental’ rugs are synonymous with artisanal craftsmanship and intricate patterns, often becoming the centerpiece of a room.

Waterproof’ and ‘stain-resistant’ are practical keywords that highlight features sought after in busy households or spaces prone to spills and wear.

Looking for keywords to draw potential customers ready to make a purchase for your flooring solutions or just writing a blog about the latest flooring trends and rugs in interior design? We’ve got the list for you! 

  • Low-maintenance flooring for pet-friendly homes
  • Stain-resistant rugs
  • Easy-to-clean carpets
  • Premium carpeting
  • Creative rug edging ideas
  • Stenciled floor patterns
  • Persian rugs
  • Carpet cleaning tips
  • Cheap laminate flooring alternatives
  • Oriental rugs
  • Monochromatic flooring for a minimalist look
  • Runner rugs for hallway

Seasonal and Holiday Decor Keywords

As each season unfolds, it brings with it a unique palette and an array of decorative motifs that allow homeowners to express the time of year through their living spaces. Incorporating keywords such as ‘autumnal accents,’ ‘festive ornaments,’ and ‘holiday lighting’ to reflect the temporal shifts in interior decoration trends.

The following list highlights key terms that resonate with the spirit of various seasons and festivities:

  1. Spring Florals: With spring, keywords like ‘cherry blossom centerpieces’ and ‘pastel table linens’ capture the essence of rejuvenation. ‘Easter decor’ also plays a significant role, with ‘bunny motifs’ and ‘egg-themed adornments’ being popular choices.
  2. Summer Vibrance: As summer approaches, ‘nautical themes’ and ‘beach-inspired decor’ are sought after. Keywords such as ‘tropical prints’ and ‘outdoor lanterns’ evoke the feeling of sunny days and balmy nights.
  3. Autumnal Warmth: The arrival of autumn introduces terms such as ‘harvest table settings,’ ‘rustic textures,’ and ‘pumpkin decorations.’ ‘Halloween decor,’ with its ‘spooky accessories’ and ‘cobweb embellishments,’ also dominates the scene.
  4. Winter Festivities: In winter, the focus shifts to holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah, where ‘advent calendars,’ ‘menorahs,’ and ‘holiday wreaths’ become central. ‘Twinkling lights’ and ‘cozy throws’ are essential for creating a warm, festive atmosphere.

These terms not only guide consumers in their decorating choices but also shape the industry’s marketing and merchandising strategies throughout the year.

Here’s a list of keywords you can use when the holiday season arrives! 

  • Festive winter home decor
  • New Year’s Eve party decor
  • Cozy fall home decor ideas
  • Thanksgiving table settings
  • Christmas wreaths and garlands
  • Winter wonderland decor
  • Fireplace and mantel decor items
  • Front porch seasonal decorations
  • Spring home refresh
  • Thanksgiving pumpkin ornaments

Technology in Home Decor

The integration of technology’s advancements into home decor has introduced keywords such as ‘smart lighting,’ ‘voice-activated assistants,’ and ‘automated window treatments’ to modern interior design vocabularies.

Smart lighting systems, for instance, offer homeowners the ability to control illumination through mobile apps or voice commands, creating atmospheres that are both dynamic and energy-efficient.

Automated window treatments represent another key area where technology intersects with home decor. Motorized blinds and curtains offer homeowners the luxury of adjusting natural light with the push of a button or a scheduled automation.

Whether your a retailer who deals in technology-enabled home decor products or a blogger preparing a listicle on how to make your tech-friendly home decor, this list of keyword ideas is absolutely essential for you!

  • Smart home minimalistic decor
  • Lighting systems with remote control
  • Home automation ideas
  • Solar-powered garden lamps
  • Digital art frames
  • Automated Window shades
  • Built-in wireless charging stations in furniture

Keyword List for Wall Art and Decorations

Wall art and decorations form an important part of home decor and interior design. Key terms that come up when customers are looking for decorative wall pieces are ‘gallery wall,’ ‘canvas prints,’ and ‘wall decals.’

Here is a list of more keywords and phrases that are often associated with wall art and decorations:

  1. Abstract Art: This term refers to pieces that don’t attempt to represent external reality but seek to achieve its effect using shapes, colors, and textures.
  2. Framed Posters: Offering a more casual or youthful vibe, framed posters are a go-to for those looking to add a touch of nostalgia or pop culture to their decor.
  3. Metal Wall Art: Durable and often contemporary in style, metal wall art can introduce a modern and sometimes industrial element to a room.
  4. Murals: Large-scale artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, murals can transform spaces into immersive environments and are often used as statement pieces.

Here’s a list of keywords you should not miss if you’re hoping to gain online visibility for this particular niche. 

  • Abstract canvas wall art
  • Gallery wall frames with art prints
  • Removable wall stickers for kids’ rooms
  • Cityscape black wall decals
  • Outdoor metal art for garden walls
  • Minimalist wall poster arrangements
  • Custom wall decals
  • Black and white photography wall art
  • Creative photo collage ideas
  • Abstract metal wall art designs
  • Custom mural wallpaper
  • Floating frame arrangements
  • Fabric wall hangings

Branded Keywords for Home Decor

Usage of brand related keywords in website

Branded keywords are the portal between your services and the customers who are specifically seeking your products or services through online search. These are specific terms that include the name of a company or trademarked product line.

When shoppers enter a branded keyword, they are typically further along in the buying cycle, exhibiting a higher intent to purchase and brand awareness.

For instance, searching for a broad term like ‘modern sofa’ yields a wide range of options and brands. However, when a consumer is familiar with a particular brand and searches for ‘West Elm modern sofa,’ they are indicating a preference for West Elm’s specific style, quality, and price point.

These keywords can help improve your targeted marketing efforts. 

Here’s a list of examples you can follow to create your own set of branded key phrases or attract potential customers looking for specific brands: 

  • Pottery Barn dining sets
  • IKEA living room furniture sets
  • West Elm bedroom furniture
  • Ralph Lauren home furnishings
  • Castlery living room furniture
  • Zara Home online home decor shopping
  • Wayfair outdoor living collections
  • H&M Home affordable decor
  • Crate & Barrel Ottoman
  • Ethan Allen holiday decorations

Furniture and Accessories specific Keywords

There is a wide range of keywords you can use to categorize your furniture or home decor accessories to rank higher for the content in your niche.

Here are three key types of furniture and accessories specific keywords:

  1. Product Type Keywords: These keywords are essential for users who have a clear idea of the item they’re seeking. Examples include ‘sectional sofa,’ ‘tufted headboard,’ ‘mid-century coffee table,’ or ‘industrial bar stools’. These terms are highly specific and often cater to particular design preferences or space needs.
  2. Material-Based Keywords: Some consumers are particular about the materials that comprise their furniture and decor. Keywords like ‘leather recliner,’ ‘bamboo shelf,’ ‘velvet curtains,’ or ‘wrought iron chandelier’ help pinpoint items made of a certain substance or fabric.
  3. Functional Keywords: These keywords are focused on the utility of the piece, such as ‘storage ottoman,’ ‘convertible sofa bed,’ ‘extendable dining table,’ or ‘corner bookshelf’. They are particularly useful for those who are space-conscious or require multifunctional furniture.

Here are some of our top picks for the best SEO keywords you can add to your list!

  • Adjustable height desk
  • Contemporary floor lamp
  • Vintage armoire
  • Wicker patio set
  • Linen blackout curtains
  • Wall-mounted drop-leaf table
  • Collapsible room divider
  • Silk throw pillows
  • Floating wall shelves
  • Copper pendant light
  • Decorative trays and platters

Location-based Keywords for Home Decor Stores

Location-based keywords are one of the most important types of keywords to target. By incorporating these popular interior design keywords in your website content, online marketing campaigns, and Google My Business listings, you can capture the audiences looking for home decor solutions in your area. 

Read on for the top location-based keywords you can use to boost your local SEO efforts: 

  • Interior design services in New York
  • Space planning and layout services in [city]
  • Bathroom remodeling near me
  • Home furnishings shop in Brooklyn
  • Affordable Interior Design Seattle
  • Custom furniture makers in Washington
  • Home decor shops in the Upper East Side
  • Local interior decorating experts
  • Boutique home decor shops near me
  • Custom upholstery services in NYC

Using Home Decor Keywords For SEO 

Devising a robust keyword strategy is an indispensable tool for the success of online SEO campaigns. helps to improve your ranking on search engines organically. Let’s have a look at some techniques that home decor and interior design business owners should absolutely leverage for maximizing organic traffic and ultimately boosting your sales and expanding your customer base. 

Tip1: Balancing broad and niche keywords

Percentage of usage of short tail and niche keywords for a product

Although broad keywords are important to categorize the diverse aspects of design services and products and draw potential customers, they are relatively harder to rank for. But when combined with niche keywords, they can bring in more targeted audiences for a certain query and related user searches. 

For example, ranking for ‘home decor’ would be difficult, but when this high-value keyword is combined with a niche-specific keyword like “Bohemian style home decor inspiration,” can attract a more targeted audience.  

Tip 2: Existing website content optimization

Thinking of all the content you could optimize with our keyword lists? Your existing content would be a great place to start! Regularly reviewing and updating your website content ensures you attract relevant traffic and improve your overall search engine rankings.

While you’re at it, focus on improving readability and crafting meta descriptions and image alt text with relevant keywords. Product descriptions and image alt text are especially important for interior design content. These can significantly boost your search visibility through Google image searches. 

Tip 3: Leveraging keywords in user-generated content

User-generated content such as reviews, testimonials, blog comments, forums, and social media can help you determine which keywords and phrases your potential audiences are using. Pinterest is also a great source of keywords to understand your potential customer’s preferences and understanding of interior design.

Active engagement with your customer base through your social media and blog channels and encouraging feedback and reviews can be a great way to tap into the search terms preferences of your customers. Don’t forget to incorporate these terms into your content to boost your SERP (Search engine results pages) rankings! 

Tip 4: Consistent blogging with keyword focus

Publishing high-quality blogs with keyword focus consistently can be an effective way to gain better SERP rankings. Not only this, well-optimized blogs also give you the opportunity to create internal links and gain backlinks from high-quality websites.

For example, if you’re a retailer dealing in home decor accessories, you can create related blogs around topics like “10 budget-friendly accessories that will transform your room” or “bedroom decor tips to personalize your room” 

Creating quality content that is tailored to your target audience’s preferences establishes your authority in the home decor industry, adding credibility to your brand name. 

Trends Influencing Home Decor Keywords

Staying up to date with the latest trends in the interior design industry is crucial not only to the success of your SEO strategy and content marketing efforts but also to be able to deliver as per your client’s expectations. The ongoing trends also generate new keyword opportunities and changes in keyword trends based on what users are searching for online. Some of the popular trends in the recent times have been discussed below. 

  • Sustainability and eco-friendliness

Sustainability is a prevailing trend that shapes the evolution of home decor keywords in the industry. As consumers become increasingly environmentally conscious, they are seeking out products that reflect their values. This shift has led to a surge in searches for terms like ‘eco-friendly,’ ‘upcycled furniture,’ ‘biodegradable materials,’ and ‘energy-efficient lighting.’ Brands that emphasize these sustainable practices in their product lines and marketing strategies are likely to resonate more with contemporary shoppers, thereby influencing the keyword strategies for home decor.

  • Health and wellness focus

Another significant trend is the increasing importance of wellness and self-care, which translates into a demand for ‘tranquil spaces’ or ‘Zen decor.’ People are turning their homes into sanctuaries, propelling searches for ‘indoor water features,’ ‘aromatherapy diffusers,’ and ‘natural light solutions.’ These keywords reflect a broader cultural movement towards mindfulness and well-being, which has a direct impact on consumer spending and search behavior in the home decor sector.

  • Biophilic design 

Biophilic Design is another emerging trend that focuses on ‘bringing the outdoors inside’ for a sense of connection to nature. There are a number of natural elements that are incorporated into spaces to provide a soothing environment. These include plenty of natural light through expansive windows or skylights, eco-friendly materials, and indoor plants for a pop of color and life. Indoor water features are also a unique feature of this trend. 

  • Flexible and multipurpose spaces

The growing requirement for more living space has contributed to the recent trend of multifunctional spaces to ensure maximum space utility. Smart furniture such as convertible sofas, folding tables, hidden storage space solutions such as built-in benches with cabinets and space-saving partitions, and multipurpose rooms are a few features of this trend. 


To sum it up, remember incorporating keywords in your content is just the starting point to improve your website’s performance and SEO organically. Regularly reviewing your keyword performance, staying updated on the latest trends in searches related to interior design and competitor research, and consistent keyword optimization are also crucial to the success of the digital marketing campaign for your interior design venture. 

Some Interesting Statistics for Home Decor Keywords

  1. Over 15% of online searches related to home decor include the keyword modern furniture.
  2. The keyword ‘vintage rugs’ is searched for over 50,000 times per month globally.
  3. Searches for the term ‘Scandinavian design’ have increased by 30% in the past year.
  4. Approximately 1 in 5 people searching for home decor use the keyword ‘minimalist decor’.
  5. The keyword ‘bohemian home decor’ has grown in popularity by 25% over the last three years.
  6. More than 10% of online shoppers looking for home decor specifically search for geometric wall art.
  7. The search volume for the keyword industrial lighting has doubled in the past six months.
  8. Around 40% of searches for home decor keywords involve terms like ‘DIY’ or ‘repurposed’.
  9. The search volume for mid-century modern furniture has increased by 20% in the last two years.
  10. The keyword ‘farmhouse style decor’ receives an average of 100,000 monthly searches worldwide.

Related Facts

  1. Home decor keywords are specific words or phrases used in online searches related to home decoration.
  2. They are crucial for search engine optimisation (SEO) as they help people find relevant content on home decor websites.
  3. Examples of home decor keywords include modern living room design, DIY home decor ideas, and minimalist bedroom inspiration.
  4. Home decor keywords should be incorporated naturally within website content to provide value to visitors and search engines.
  5. Long-tail keywords, which are more specific and detailed phrases, can target a niche audience interested in specific aspects of home decor.
  6. Home decor keywords can vary based on trends, seasons, and geographical locations.
  7. Websites specializing in home decor often optimize their pages with a combination of broad and niche home decor keywords to reach a wider audience.


Let’s explore some commonly asked questions when it comes to keywords and SEO optimization for home decoration industry.

Do different design styles have unique keywords?

Yes, different styles, categories, and aspects of home decor need to be optimized with the keywords relevant to that particular niche. Different design styles have unique keywords that can be used to create long-tail keyword variations for a particular keyword as well. This is important not only for higher rankings in search results page but also for drawing targeted website traffic. 

How can I stay updated on the latest trends in home decor keywords?

To stay updated on the latest trends in home decor keywords, you need to conduct keyword research. This involves using free keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner or paid tools like SEMrush, Keysearch, and Ahrefs to know which keywords are ranking well in the home decor niche. These tools also give you insights into the specific metrics of a particular keyword, like search volume and keyword competition. Analyzing your competitor’s keywords and content can help you discover new keyword opportunities. 

What is keyword density, and how does it impact home decor content?

Keyword density is the number of keywords that appear in a specific piece of content. For home decor content, 1-2% keyword density, i.e., 1-2 keywords for 100 words of content, is ideal. It is important to take note that using too many keywords can decrease the readability of your content, making it look unnatural and spammy, and can be interpreted as keyword stuffing by search engines which can negatively impact your search engine rankings.

How can I track my keyword performance? 

There are several ways to track your keyword performance. You can use Google Search Console and Google Analytics to track your website traffic and see the keywords that are helping you tap the target customers. Additionally, there are a number of third-party tools available that can be used to track keyword performance. 

Should all my keywords focus on home decor only?

To draw traffic that is looking for your specific services or products, it is recommended to use keywords that are relevant to your niche. Avoid using keywords that are completely unrelated to your specific industry, as they can attract irrelevant traffic to your website. However, it is important to consider keywords related to broader aspects of interior design and lifestyles since it makes your content more relevant to the web crawlers and your audience.  

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