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Win an audience and beat your competition with engaging eBooks. Let’s show you how we can help you master the game – with our professional eBook writing service.


Writing ebooks can be a great way for businesses and individuals to share their knowledge with the world. But it takes time, efforts, and skills to create a high-quality ebook that people will want to read. That’s where we come in! Our eBook writing services can help you turn your ideas into a compelling book that readers will love.

We have a team of writers that can write ebooks on any topic. Our writers are professional and experienced, so they know how to create engaging content that will get people reading.

Not only do our writers know how to craft valuable content but they also understand what makes good marketing copy. So they’ll make sure your ebook is well-written, informative, and persuasive enough that people are eager to buy whatever product or service you’re offering them.

You’ll be able to use your ebook as a lead generator or even just let people download it for free in exchange for email addresses from interested prospects. The possibilities are endless with the right ebook!

You won’t find another ebook writing service out there that cares as much about creating quality work as we do here at Authority Ventures. Let us take care of all the hard work for you so you can take care of other aspects of your business while still getting the exposure from having an ebook online!

If you want to increase sales and grow your business, we can help you do it by creating an amazing ebook that will make people take notice of what you have to offer. Let us handle all the writing & designing work while you sit back and watch leads roll in!

How to Write an eBook – The Most Detailed Guide

In order to go an extra mile for our clients, we created an in-depth guide on writing eBooks.

This guide comprises all the elements of eBook writing. Whether you want to generate leads by giving your Ebook free of cost or want to make money by selling it – we got everything covered for you.

eBook Writing Services – The Process We Follow

Niche Research – Understanding your Topic

Every eBook is different – not just in content but in ideas too. This is what we have learned after reading, writing & analysing hundreds of eBooks at Authority Ventures. Even with our vast experience, we feel the need to research and understand the ideology behind your eBook – to make it unique & impactful.

The first step of our eBook writing service constitutes a discovery call where we understand the main objective and the desired goal behind your eBook.

Creating Your eBook Outline & Naming The Chapters

Apart from the cover design, the second most important thing that makes a user to download and read an eBook is the name of its chapters.

Putting forward a simple yet unique guide to what your ebook contains (in form of an outline) is considered as 50% work done for writing an eBook.  

At Authority Ventures, the outline for your eBook and finalizing the chapter names is not just the work of one person. Our entire team comes together in a war room – where we brainstorm, jot down the points, modify the ideas, and then finalize the outline.

Writing Your eBook – Word by Word

Once you approve the eBook outline, our professional writers get to work to create engaging content. The motive here is to write in a way that triggers curiosity – paragraph by paragraph and page by page.

No matter the topic, we are experts in writing eBooks. Our expert writers conduct all the research to find valuable information on the subject. The most important thing for us is to make sure that your ebook is well-written and provides valuable information to readers. 

Reading, Proofreading, Editing & Formatting 

After writing your eBook, our editors make sure it is flawless. They have an eye for detail, polishing the content to make it perfect. Another team members’ job is to read the eBook by being in the footsteps of your target reader.

We understand the importance of aesthetics. Our eBook writing services come bundled with graphics, designing, formatting and everything that it takes to create a final product. Custom design of your ebook will make sure it is appealing and eye-catching. We use images and graphics throughout the book, and make sure to align everything neatly.


Delivering the Best eBook Writing Service

They say – be the best in what you do. At Authority Ventures, we take this quote quite seriously. We don’t say that we are the best eBook writing service providers out there, but we are the ones who strive to be better than the best.

And yeah, we celebrate each eBook that we compose. We do it not just due to the written part but due to the time, love and positive energy that we put into it. Get you eBook written by us. We bet you’ll love our process, our team and our content.



Our eBook Writing Services

Our eBook Services Are Trustworthy

Since our inception in 2008, we have written 200+ eBooks on various topics in different industry verticals.

Why Choose Our eBook Writing Services

Proven In-House eBooks

We have our own in-house eBooks that have thousands of downloads and have fetched us some premium clients for our agency Authority Ventures. If we can do it for ourselves, we can do it for you too

Designing Included

When it comes to our eBook writing services, you’ll not have to hire a separate designer for graphics and cover design. We do it all! 

You Grow, We Grow Approach

Authority Ventures is not just an eBook writing service provider but a team that cares for every dollar spent by a client. We make sure that every eBook that we write helps in the overall growth of you as a client and us as a team.

eBook Writing FAQs

Is it worth writing an eBook?

eBooks are worth every penny spent on creating it – if you know how to use it effectively. 

Just think of collecting emails by giving your eBook free of cost and then converting those prospects into paying clients. eBooks act as the top of the funnel. Another way can be by treating your eBook as a product and selling it for a small price. With just one time investment, there’s no limit to how many sales can you make. 

The only problem with writing an ebook is that it takes a lot of time. I guess that’s why we exist – to help you write and design your eBook.

How long should an eBook be?

There are no word limit or page number limit rules for eBooks.

From our experience, we can tell you that most clients order informational eBooks of 5,000 or 10,000 words. 

Some story-based ebooks may go up to 30,000 words. 

The number of pages depends on the amount of graphics used in the eBook. 

However, we believe that no matter your eBook is short or long. It should be valuable.

Can I request changes to my eBook after publishing?


We are the best eBook writing service you’ll ever come across. You may request content changes, cover design changes or anything else in regard to an old ebook at any point in time in 2 years. 

We keep a backup of your raw file with us for 2 years and send you an email before deleting it. 

Can you help me market my eBook?

This is the most common question that we get from our clients who buy our eBook writing services.

With vast expertise in producing eBook, we often suggest excellent ways in which you can market your eBook without any ad spend. 

You’ll be delighted to know that we do not charge anything extra for making eBook marketing strategies for you. All you need to do is get on a call with us and see the magic happen. 

We believe in overdelivering whatever we do and going this extra mile is what has made us successful. 

What is the expected turnaround time?

Our proficient writers can provide eBook Writing Services for you in as little as 3 days with our fast turnaround service.

This however depends upon the research involved, the size of the project, and the graphics required. 

On average, it takes us around 1 week to write and design an eBook of 10,000 words. 

How much do your eBook services cost?

Not much.

We work on competitive rates. The exact answer however depends upon the number of words in your eBook, the number of graphics, the complexity of cover design, and a few other elements. 

In general, you can get an amazing eBook at a one-time cost of just $99.



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