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If content is king, strategy is the crown. A king is nothing without the crown. As a renowned content strategy agency, we have the expertise to craft a winning content plan for your business that can accelerate and sustain growth.


Our Content Strategy Process

The research and the thought

Content strategy involves a lot of thinking and in order to deliver amazing results, people at a content strategy agency need to have a powerful thought process. You’ll agree on the fact that a person cannot do proper research without streamlined thoughts and in order to have these unique thoughts, you need experience and knowledge.

At Authority Ventures, we draft content strategies that don’t just prove to be winners but have the ability to make your business an authority in your niche. We follow something called topical authority – covering the entire industry through content. From SEO optimized content on your website to posts on social media and from blog topics to newsletters that go out as emails, we carve everything in the most perfect way. 



Our Core process as a content strategy agency 

Most content strategies start with keyword research and end at topic suggestions. We work in a different manner. Our work starts from thinking abut the objectives and we are quite good in doing reverse engineering.

Apart from finding high volume and low difficulty keywords, we emphasise on the right transactional keywords that have the ability to generate business.

Another special thing about our process is that we believe in creating a content landscape. This includes following a potential lead throughout the stages – from awareness to consideration to conversion to retention. 

Apart from simple plain content strategy, we also share some content creation methodologies like the PAS formula and the AIDA formula. Ask us and we’ll be happy to explain 🙂


Topics, sub-topics and authority thinking

In order to be the best content strategy agency out there, we follow an approach that is truly out of the box. Our strategy will have topics, sub-topics, topic variables, topic clusters and even a mind map for all the content that needs to be created.

Sometimes, it is not about the keyword search volumes but relevance of a topic and other times it is all about covering a topic from a different prospective.

if you like to win the game, you need a content plan that is advanced, something that is unique and something that not just makes you look like an authority on the topic but actually makes you one. Try us out! You’ll be amazed with our in depth process. 


Reaching target audience with a 360-degree approach 

Our plan not only covers the best possible ways to get organic traffic from Google through blogs; but it also covers a strategy for web pages, social media posts, newsletters, content for professional platforms like Linkedin, high converting landing pages and the entire digital framework. 

We follow the process of funnel marketing without paid advertisements. This process is what we call a 360-degree approach. Every piece of content can be transformed into different other formats just by implementing few steps.

For example – one blog post can give you content for your social media channels including Linkedin for an entire week. Hence more for less. This is why you should always go for a good content strategy agency like ours.    



Implementation, analysis, analytics and growth 

Drafting a content strategy is one thing and implementing that with perfection is the other. As an agency, we expertise in delivering both.

Similar to after-sales service, we take pride in working with our clients and helping them measure the impact of our content strategy. From traffic numbers to goal achievements, we measure our success in our clients success. We will be the first ones to tell you after proper analysis that what worked and what did not along with a reason why.

Give us a chance to serve, we’ll overdeliver – that too with perfection!



Our Content Strategy Agency Services

Our Content Strategy Service is Trusted by Brands

Since our inception in 2008, we have served over 200+ brands of all sizes ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small startups. Here are some of our clients.

Why Choose Us As Your Content Strategy Agency

Proven In-House Model

We have our own in-house websites that get millions of page views every month. One reason for this success is the amazing in-depth content strategy that we drafted for ourselves. If we can do it for ourselves, we can do it for you too

Futuristic Thinking

Content strategy has nothing to do with the past. It is a thing of the future and how well can you capture an audience interested in specific topics. With a knowledgeable team with vast experience making content strategies, we think in the future. 

You Grow, We Grow Approach

Authority Ventures is not just a content strategy agency but a team that cares for every dollar spent by a client. We make sure that every content strategy that we make helps in the overall growth of you as a client and us as a team. 

Content Strategy Agency FAQs

How much do you charge to make a content strategy?

Our content strategy services start from as low as just $250 as a one-time cost.

The price depends upon the impact that you looking to make in your industry. However, we are friendly people and believe in providing value.

What exactly does a content strategy agency do?

These companies have the expertise to create a content strategy for a business.

From website content to SEO optimized blogs and from email campaigns to social media content, content strategy agencies create the entire plan of what to write, when to write and when to publish.


Will you send us the keyword research report?

Yes. For sure.

Not just keyword report, we’ll send you topic suggestions, topic variables, topic clusters, blog titles that you may consider and also a mind-map for internal linking your entire website. 

All these reports will be yours to keep forever.

How much time do you take to deliver a content strategy?

We understand the importance of time. 

Our quickest turn-around time can be just 2 days and in case you want a full-fledged strategy that also includes social media, landing pages and more – the TAT can be 15 days. 

Believe us it will be worth the time. 

What if I already have a content strategy?

Ah. Congrats to you for reaching the first milestone in your business. 

If you want we can still have a look at your created strategy and give our suggestions. You may consider us as your friends who’ll give you good advice – that too without any consultation charges. 

Do you also offer help in implementing the content plan?

Yes. We are one-of-a-kind content strategy agency that takes care of drafting as well as implementing a strategy.

With a team of creative SEO writers, we can help you write blogs, landing pages, web content and everything that you can think of.  



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